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Bioinformatic tools and guideline for PCR primer design

Kamel A. Abd-Elsalam


Bioinformatics has become an essential tool not only for basic research but also for applied research in biotechnology and biomedical sciences. Optimal primer sequence and appropriate primer concentration are essential for maximal specificity and efficiency of PCR. A poorly designed primer can result in little or no product due to non-specific amplification and/or primer-dimer formation, which can become competitive enough to suppress product formation. There are several online tools devoted to serving molecular biologist design effective PCR primers. This review intends to provide a guide to choosing the most efficient way to design a new specific-primer by applying current publicly available links and Web services. Also, the purpose here is to provide general recommendations for the design and use of PCR primers.

(African Journal of Biotechnology: 2003 2(5): 91-95)

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