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African Journals Online (AJOL)

African Journals OnLine (AJOL) is the world's largest and pre-eminent collection of peer-reviewed, African-published scholarly journals.

Historically, scholarly information has flowed from North to South and from West to East. It has also been difficult for African researchers to access the work of other African academics.

In partnership with hundreds of journals from all over the continent, AJOL works to change this, so that African-origin research output is available to Africans and to the rest of the world.

AJOL is a Non-Profit Organisation based in South Africa.

More about AJOL and the challenges we work to address

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Browse peer-reviewed journals from Africa.
Download full text articles from journal homepages.
Search for an article by title, author/s or keywords.
Find other information sources and more resources for researchers and journals.

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