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Plasma insulin pattern in a Hausa-Fulani ethnic group in northern Nigeria

AG Bakari


Background: Plasma insulin levels seem to play significant roles in health and disease; and prevailing plasma insulin levels are modulated by racial and ethnic factors. There has been no previous study of the plasma insulin pattern in any northern Nigerian tribe.

Methods: Thirty-six (24 males and 12 females) healthy volunteers of a northern Nigerian tribe were studied. Fasting plasma insulin and glucose levels were estimated; this was followed by a standard OGTT to study the plasma insulin response to oral glucose challenge.

Results: Although there were marked individual variations with 16.7% of individuals demonstrating fasting hyperinsulinaemia, mean fasting plasma insulin levels were similar to those earlier reported elsewhere.

Conclusion: These findings are discussed in view of other factors known to modulate plasma insulin levels.

Key Words: Plasma Insulin, northern Nigeria

Annals of African Medicine Vol.3(1 ) 2004: 7-9

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