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Infection control measures among dental health care workers

Fawzia Butt, Hinal Thakkar, Jeremiah Munguti, Evelyne Waigayu


The aim of this study was to establish the knowledge, attitudes and behavior of infection control among dental health care workers (DHCW) in a dental hospital in Kenya.

Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study that used a close-ended questionnaire to collect data from a sample of 110 DHCW. Estimation of 95% confidence intervals was used to test the proportions of the knowledge levels. Data were analyzed using MS Excel.

Results: Out of 150 DHCW, a convenient sample of 110 DHCW participated in the study, with 10 non-respondents. Female participants (58) were more than males (42); M:F = 1:1.38. Age range was 21–41 years (mean=25.7 years). Most respondents (n=79, 79%) were students aged 20 to 24 years. Overall, 46% of the participants were ill informed about infection control, 32% did not practice the recommended infection control practices, while 39% had a negative attitude towards various aspects of infection control.

Conclusion: These results show that infection control measures need enforcement and daily practice regularly. Continuous and compulsory training in infection control is recommended for those working in clinics.

Keywords: Infection, Dental, Sterilization
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