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Prevalence of HIV/AIDS among Breast Cancer Patients and the associated Clinico-pathological features

J Sseggwanyi, M Galukande, J Fualal, J Jombwe


Introduction: There is uncertainty as to the exact interaction between HIV and Breast Cancer. Available studies are inconclusive about any relation whether causal or protective and the number of patients in these studies small.
Objective: To determine the prevalence of HIV among confirmed incident
breast cancer cases and to describe the associated clinico-pathological
Design: Analytical cross sectional study
Methods: Over a period of 6 months consecutively eligible patients were
recruited from the Mulago Hospital breast clinic. Breast lesions were biopsied and blood withdrawn for HIV sero-survey. Collected data was
double entered into Epidata version v 3.1.1, exported to STATA 10.0 for
Results: Sixty two breast cancer patients consented to participate in the
study and of these, 22(35.48%) were positive for HIV compared to HIV
prevalence in the general population of 6-7%. All the participants were
female. The mean age of HIV negative subjects was 45 years (range:
21-80 years) and for HIV positive subjects was 32.4 years (range 18-52
years). There was a signifi cant association between HIV status and age,
BMI and CD4 Counts as well as for histological grade and stage (P< 0.024).
Conclusion: The prevalence of HIV among the studied breast cancer group was signifi cantly higher than that in the general population. HIV was associated with poor prognostic factors. A high index of suspicion of the co-existence of these two diseases in a context of high HIV prevalence is warranted. Future studies should explore for a causal association.

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