Isinipilemu: Divination Forms Among the Epie-Atissa People in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State

  • Gabriel Independence


This paper studies divination systems among the Epie-Atissa people in Yenagoa Local government area of Bayelsa State investigates and discuss the  various divinatory systems found in the area. With insights from phenomenological method, paper details the peculiarities of the Ololo, Agba, Ubafu and  Ugbogbo divinatory systems. Investigative resources have not been adequately given to the peculiarities these divination systems. The findings indicate  that many of these divination systems have been discontinued or are becoming moribund because of the influence of Christianity and globalisation.  Primarily affected are the Ugbogbo, Agba, Ololo and Ubufa divination tradition. The paper concludes by calling for the revival of the divinations systems  which are vital component of the religio-cultural identity and heritage of the people of Epie-Atissa.


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eISSN: 2795-3726
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