Theological Evaluation of Christians’ Attitude to Environmental Preservation in Alimosho Local Government Area of Lagos

  • Joseph Moyinoluwa Talabi
  • Olubunmi Oluyemi Akitoye
  • Samuel Oludare Okusanya


The issue of environmental preservation is crucial for the human race. In Lagos State, environmental preservation has become a serious problem. Lack of environmental preservation has remained a significant cause of untimely death. Therefore, this paper conducts a theological evaluation of Christians’  attitude to environmental preservation in Alimosho Local Government, Lagos. The basis for the evaluation of this study is biblical teachings and position  on environmental preservation. A thread of environmentalism running through the Bible, calls Genesis 2: 15 the first earth-keeping principle. Thus,  relying on the Hebrew translation in this verse, we are called to serve and preserve the Earth. Man’s responsibility to take care of the earth is not  accidental but is designed for man to be answerable to God concerning how he uses the earth’s resources. In other words, man is answerable to the one  who appointed him to be vice-regent. The study adopted a quantitative study, using simple percentages to analyse the data. One thousand, one hundred  and fifty (1150) copies of the questionnaire were administered across the Local Governmental Area in Alimosho. One thousand (1000) copies  were retrieved and subjected to simple analysis while the remaining one hundred and fifty (150) copies of the questionnaire were void. 765 (76.5%)  respondents agreed that church members contribute to littering and environmental degradation of Alimosho Local Government Area while 235 (23.6%)  respondents disagreed. The paper reveals that uncontrolled population growth, technological abuse and the exploitation of natural resources have  caused pollution, global warming, and climate change in Alimosho Local Government Area. It concludes that the church should create awareness among  its members through preaching, teaching and practical demonstration of the fact that not taking good care of the environment is a grievous sin against  God and nature. 


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eISSN: 2795-3726
print ISSN: 0795-1639