Motivation for Treatment as a Requirement for Success in the Management of Pentazocine Dependence- Two Case Reports.

  • E Uwadiae
  • IO Aina
  • AN Edeh


The case report is to demonstrate to clinicians that motivation is required at all stages of the treatment of patients with mental and behavioural disorder due to use of pentazocine in dependence. Two patients presented with pentazocine dependence. While the first patient presented following some persuasion from her relations, the second patient presented on her own. The 1st patient did not demonstrate a good level of motivation from the beginning of treatment. Hence, it is not surprising that she dropped out of treatment eventually before she was considered fit for discharge. The 2nd patient however, followed through to the end of her treatment. This paper shows that motivation is needed at initiation of treatment, throughout treatment and follow-up of patients with pentazocine dependence. When motivation is absent, clinicians can do little to help the patient.

Key Word: Motivation, change, pentazocine, dependence,


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eISSN: 1596-6569