Effects of Sexuality Information on Sexual Behavior and Control of Sexually Transmitted Infections among Adolescent Students in Benin City, Nigeria.

  • O Iyoha
  • D O Iyoha


Background: Reproductive health information for adolescents is important in reducing teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases /human immunodeficiency virus.

Aim: To ascertain the knowledge of sexuality among different categories of school teenagers and to assess the impact of knowledge of sexuality on sexual attitude and practice.

Materials and Methods: A cross-sectional urban-based descriptive study was conducted among 500 secondary school students in Benin City, using multistage sampling technique. Data was collected with the aid of structured self-administered questionnaires haven obtained relevant consent. All statistical analyses were carried out using SPSS software (version 16).

Results: The age range was 10 to 19 years with a mean age of 12 years. (SD= 7.071). A higher proportion 270 (59%) had not discussed sexuality with their parents. However, 90 (18%) of the respondents were sexually active, out of which 16 (18%) had their sexual debut before the age of 10 years. Forty (36%) had, had sex with a commercial sex worker, and 30 (6%) had never used condom during sexual act. The number of students who had knowledge on sexuality showed no significant difference from those without knowledge (r = 0.206). There was significant correlation between knowledge of sexuality and sexual attitude (r = 0.553) but no significant correlation with sexual practices (r = 0.493).

Conclusion: It is recommended that instructors on sexuality education be engaged in our colleges while parents are encouraged to teach/discuss with youths facts of sexuality, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases to reduce the negative effects imbibed from the media and peer-pressure.

Keywords: Adolescent, sexuality, sexual behavior, sexually transmitted infection/human immunodeficiency virus.


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