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Acute kidney injury from Paraquat poisoning: a case report.

H. E. Slater
O.C.A. Okoye
O. Okperi
N. Rajora


Paraquat is a salt widely used as a herbicide. Although paraquat poisoning is rare in the general population, it may be considered as one of the most toxic poisons frequently used for suicide attempts, and is associated with serious complications including: acute kidney injury,
pneumonitis and death. We report a fatal case of a16 year old girl who presented with dysphagia, cough and dyspnoea following ingestion of paraquat. She subsequently developed acute kidney injury (AKI) that resolved but she succumbed to respiratory complications despite use of antibiotics, corticosteroids and haemodialysis.

Key words: Paraquat poisoning, Acute Kidney Injury, Haemodialysis, Pneumonitis.

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eISSN: 1596-6569