An assessment of the willingness of patients in hospitals in Benin city to give consent to clinical research

  • O.E Obarisiagbon
  • O.A Adeleye
  • P. Ojomo
  • J. Okolie
  • A. Okhakhu


Background: Clinical research directly involves the use of materials of human origin, such as tissue samples, obtained through direct contact with a particular living person that volunteers and agrees to participate in a research study. An ethical background where informed consent is sought from patients before engaging them is necessary in any research for credibility.
Objective: The study ascertained the willingness of patients in hospitals in Benin City to consent to research and the factors associated with it.
Materials/method: A descriptive cross-sectional study was done, and information was obtained through interviewer administered questionnaires. Stratified sampling method was used to recruit respondents and data was analyzed using SPSS 16.0. P value was set at <0.05.
Results: About 62.5% of the respondents would consent to clinical research. Among those willing to consent to research, 92% were influenced by improved health outcome, 62.7% minimal harm, 40.7% cordial relationship with the researcher and 26.7% wanted payment for participation. Factors affecting willingness to consent were information on the possible side effects (72.9%), benefits of participation (68.8%), Permanent cure (73.8%), insurance in place for health risks (65.0%), reduction in the cost of management (58.8%).
Conclusion: There was willingness among patients in hospitals in Benin City to give consent to research.

Key words: Consent, Medical research, Willingness, Patients.


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eISSN: 1596-6569