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Transvaginal ultrasound findings in females presenting with infertility

U.R. Ebubedike, S.U. Enukegwu


Background: The introduction of transvaginal ultrasonography (TVS) has gradually displaced other invasive investigation from being the first line investigation for females with infertility. It has become an indispensable tool for clinicians to interpret images quickly.

Objective: To document possible findings of transvaginal ultrasonography in women presenting with infertility.

Material and methods: Consenting females referred with diagnosis of infertility were assessed with transvaginal ultrasonography by two radiologists and the findings recorded.

Results: Mean of anthropometric measurements of 68 patients were age 35.5 years, weight 71.5kg, height 1.63m, BMI 26.6kg/m2. 42% of the patients had primary infertility while 58% presented with secondary infertility. TVS study revealed uterine fibroids 34.3% as the commonest finding followed by ovarian cyst 18.1%. Greater percentage of the patients had normal ovarian size and follicular sizes. 82.4% and 76.5% of the ovaries were located in the adnexium for the right and left respectively.

Conclusion: This study revealed that many of the patients were in their fourth decade with uterine fibroids as the commonest TVS finding. Further study on type of uterine fibroid based on location in infertility patients using both transabdominal ultrasound and TVS is recommended.

Keywords: Transvaginal ultrasound, infertility, females

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