Breast Examination Practices among Nursing Students in Warri, Delta State

  • EA Sule
  • G Igberase


Objective: To ascertain influencing factors and breast examination practices among student nurses in Warri, Delta state. Design: Cross-sectional survey.

Setting: State School of Nursing, Warri, Delta State. Subjects: Two hundred and ninety six student nurses attending the school in 2010 with exclusion of introductory students.

Results: Self breast examination was practiced by four-fifths(79.39%) of respondents; of the self breast examination practitioners, 88.52% had a monthly self breast exam. Clinical breast examination had been utilized by one-sixth (17.35%) of respondents. Self perception of proficiency at self breast examination was agreed to by four-fifths(82.35%) of respondents. About a third (21.6%) knew a family member or friend with breast cancer while a fourth (26.71%) had breast complaints in the past requiring Physician consultation. A previous breast procedure was admitted to by a fourth(24.01%) of respondents. There was a strong positive association between self breast examination and previous breast procedure, p<0.0001 RR 3.302 CI 2.667-4.089. Other variables, family member/ friend with breast cancer p<0.001 RR 3.702, 95% Cl 2.985-4.715, previous clinical breast examination P <0.001 RR 4.517, Cl 3.542-5.913; previous breast complaints P < 0.001. RR 2.972. Cl 2.437-3.625. Self perception of proficiency at self breast examination was not significantly associated. P- 0.4009, RR 0.9640, 95% CI 0.8909 -1-043. Recommendation: We advocate clinical breast examination as a routine for Physicians consulting with female patients at which self breast examination could also be taught.><


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eISSN: 1596-6569