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An Investigation of Curative Effects of Entandrophragma Utile Bark Extract in Chronic Peptic Ulcers

TA John, AO Onabanjo


Background: We previously reported the aqueous bark extract of Entandrophragma utile showed gastric acid reducing properties and prophylactic effects against acute ulcer formation. Here, we investigated its curative effects in established ulcers.
Methods: Chronic gastric ulcers were induced with injection of 0.1 ml 10% acetic acid and chronic duodenal ulcers were induced with oral lavage of 280 mg/Kg cysteamine in rats. Diseased animals were treated with anti-ulcer drugs: 20 μg/ml nocloprost or 5 mg/ml cimetidine or test agent 0.1 g/ml E. utile extract orally ad lib for 25 days and their healing were compared.
Results: The gastric ulcer incidence and index were found to be reduced by the E.utile extract to 50% and 0.8 ± 0.98 (p> 0.49) and the effect paralleled that of known cytoprotective nocloprost: 40% and 0.6 ± 0.8 (p> 0.45). Similar results were obtained for duodenal ulcer with the extract matched against cimetidine. Paraffin sections showed that cysteamine caused massive destruction and disappearance of villi and Brunner’s glands with some erosion deeper than the muscularis mucosa and pus formation. In extract treated animals with cysteamine assault, the villi and Brunner’s glands were intact.
Conclusion: E. utile bark extract appears to reinforce the compromised gastrointestinal mucosa.

Keywords: Entandrophragma utile, peptic ulcer, stomach, duodenum, anti-ulcer

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