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Congenital Amniotic Band Syndrome: Clinico-Epidemologic Study and Management Outcome

OO Oludiran, F Ijekeye, UN Dioru


Congenital amniotic band syndrome (CABS) is an uncommon clinical entity with a global incidence of 1: 1, 200 to 1: 15, 000 live births. They nevertheless pose great functional, cosmetic and reconstructive challenge. There has been only one case report of this condition from our centre. This paper reviews the clinicoepidemiologic features and outcome of management of cases at the Plastic and Reconstructive surgery unit of the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Nigeria over a three year period. There were 8 patients aged 2wks to 9 yrs with a total of 12 bands. There were 5 males and 3 females. Most were located in the lower limbs. They were multiple in 4 patients. Associated deformities and complications were lymphoedema (4), autoamputations (2), club foot and acrosyndactyly( 1 each). Outcome of reconstructive surgery with band excision and z plasty reconstruction was good. While not common, a cluster of cases have presented and were managed in our unit. Excision and reconstruction with z plasty gives satisfactory result. There is a need for early referral for appropriate care.

Keywords: band, congenital amniotic band, constriction rings, annular constrictions

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