Assessment of Current Cross-Infection Control Practices Among Dental Technologists in Nigeria

  • AO Arigbede
  • IMF Abiodun-Solanke
  • JO Taiwo
  • BO Ocheke


Background/Aim: Transmission of infectious agents could occur within a clinical dental environment between patients and patients and between patients and staff if preventive measures are not taken. This study aims at assessing the current infection control practices among dental technologists in Nigeria.

Materials: A structured anonymous questionnaire was self-administered among dental technologists in Nigeria by one of the authors during two consecutive national programmes. The questionnaire requests for information on gender, compliance with standard dental laboratory cross-infection prevention procedures, understanding of the concept of universal precaution and adequacy of cross-infection prevention measures provided by their hospitals.

Results: There were 81 respondents out of which 57 (70.4%) were males. Twenty-eight respondents (34.6%) regularly wear gloves while handling dental impression. Only 20 respondents (24.7%) wear eyeglasses and face masks regularly. Most of the respondents always or often change pumice slurry, curing bath water and most rarely disinfect pliers. Most of the respondents (59.3%) had not received Hepatitis B vaccination. About 30% of the respondents did not understand the concept of universal precaution. Majority of the respondents (77.8%) were dissatisfied with the cross-infection preventive measures provided by their institutions.

Conclusion: Compliance with infection control procedures among dental technologists in Nigeria is still far from acceptable.

Key Words: Cross-infection, Dental Technologists, Prevention


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eISSN: 1596-6569