Grain and biomass yield reduction due to Russian wheat aphid on bread wheat in northern Ethiopia

  • T Belay
  • A Araya
Keywords: Dimethoate, Diuraphis noxia, Fenitrothion


Russian wheat aphid (Diuraphis noxia Mordvilko) is an important insect pest of wheat and barley in Northern Ethiopia. The objective of this study was to find out the impact of Diuraphis noxia on yield and performance of wheat. An experiment was conducted at Mekelle Agricultural Research Center in Ethiopia during 2013- 2014, in the off-season with irrigation. Insecticide treated and untreated plots were compared for biomass and grain yield, damage, days to heading and maturity. Diuraphis noxia reduced wheat grain yield by 67.7% and biomass by 51.6%. Weight per 1000 seeds declined by 20%. Heading and maturity were generally delayed. Fenitrothion 50 EC, a contact insecticide, controlled D. noxia and prevented biomass and grain yield loss.

Key Words: Dimethoate, Diuraphis noxia, Fenitrothion


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eISSN: 2072-6589
print ISSN: 1021-9730