Production and evaluation of precooked dehydrated unripe banana slices

  • J H Muyonga
Keywords: Musa spp., dehydration, rehydration, pretreatments


This study was aimed at developing a process for production of easy to prepare dehydrated banana slices. Steaming unripe bananas for 7 minutes followed by hand peel stripping, slicing and dehydration in air dryers produced slices with better rehydration properties than slices produced without steaming, even when the latter were dehydrated by freeze drying. No significant change in total aerobic counts or yeasts and moulds counts occurred in dehydrated banana slices packaged in 250 gauge polyethylene bags and stored at ambient temperature for 3 months. The slices were found to be high in starch (~68.5%) and minerals. When shallow fried, the dehydrated banana slices were found to have acceptable flavour, appearance, taste and texture. Overall, they were considered acceptable by sensory panelists. The findings of this study indicate that steaming, in addition to easing peeling and reducing discolouration, improves rehydration and reduces cook loss.

Key Words: Musa spp., dehydration, rehydration, pretreatments

(African Crop Science Journal 2000 8(1): 93-98)

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eISSN: 2072-6589
print ISSN: 1021-9730