African Crop Science Journal - Vol 8, No 3 (2000)

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Table of Contents


Inheritance of resistance to pod shattering in soybean
P. R. Rubaihayo, P. Tukamuhabwa, K. Dashiell, E. Adipala
Trangressive segregation for resistance in wheat to Septoria tritici blotch
P. F. Arama, J. E. Parlevliet, C. H. Van Silfhout
Genetic analyses of adaptation of barley to low and high input environments
R. Madamba
Changes in water infiltration along a catena prior to mechanised clearing operations and after two cropping seasons
M. M. Tenywa, J. Y.K. Zake, S. Sessanga, J. G. Majaliwa, J. B. Kawongolo, D. Bwamiki
An appraisal of irrigated temperate and tropical millet varieties in the semiarid region of Senegal
Tanou Ba, C. F. Yamoah, Saliou Diangar
Espèce d'herbe dominante comme indice de la productivité du sol et de la reponse du haricot commun (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) a l'application du compost
M. Ngongo, L. Lunze
Tree legumes in medium-term fallows: Nz fixation, nitrate recovery and effects on subsequent crops
C. S. Wortmann, C. K. Kaizzi
Effect of nitrogen fertiliser rates and plant density on grain yield of maize
Tenaw Workayehu
Cowpea seed coat chemical analysis in relation to storage seed quality
E. A. Asiedu, A. A. Powell, T. Stuchbury
On-station verification of the use of soybean trap-crop for the control of Striga in maize
I. Kureh, U. F. Chiezey, B. D. Tarfa
Variation in virulence patterns of Septoria tritici on Triticum aestivum in Kenya
P. F. Arama, J. E. Parlevliet, C. H. Van Silfhout
An assessment of cassava mosaic disease severity in cassava-maize mixture at different NPK levels
E. O. Ekpe
The influence of farmer perception on pesticide usage for management of cowpea field pests in eastern Uganda
J. M. Erbaugh, A. R. Semana, E. Adipala, P. Isubikalu,
Effect of lime, urea and triple super phosphate on nitrogen and phosphorus mineralisation in an acid soil during incubation
J. J. Lelei, B. O. Mochoge, R. N. Onwonga
Dispersal, phenology and predicted abundance of the larger grain borer in different environments
G. Farrell

ISSN: 2072-6589
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