The misnomers of spiritual ‘directing’ and ‘coaching’

  • HE Pienaar


The article considers the terms ‘directing’, as used in spiritual directing, and ‘coaching’ related to its general use, but spiritual ‘coaching’, in particular. Directing and coaching are said to be misnomers that communicate directivity instead of primarily being situated in a non‑directive style of engagement. Within the author’s theoretical paradigm, spiritual accompaniment and spiritual, narrative informed, coaching were said to be kindred spirits. Both emphasise experience, broadly adhere to a facilitative style of engagement, and do not subscribe to a deficit model, aiming to fix or remedy, in the first instance, least of all attempting to be an expert on a person’s life. Attention is paid to what potentially contributes to the said misnomers. The article concludes that misnomers cause barriers to inter‑professional inquiry and practice.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2309-9089
print ISSN: 1015-8758