Land tenure reform under the economic liberalisation regime: observations from the Tanzanian experience

  • Masao Yoshida Department of History, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda at the time of writing; Currently, Nihon-Fukushi University, Nagoya, Japan


The economic liberalisation of the 1990s hastened the growth of business interests in land and created new competition over natural resources. The World Bank, a promoter of liberalisation, has encouraged African governments to formulate new land policies and enact new land laws. The paper examines the process of new rush for legislating land acts, and clarify the main actors behind this move. This author utilises the observations obtained through several years of field studies undertaken in Kilimanjaro Region, as well as documentary sources, for this case study.

Africa Development Vol. 30(4) 2005: 139–149

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eISSN: 0850-3907