Research collaboration - a panacea for the advancement of global health.pdf

  • Y.B Dabota
Keywords: Global Health, Research Collaboration, Research Grant, Research Questions


Background: Research involves the
investigation of either pre-existing or
new concepts to provide answers to
questions or modify existing concepts.
Results of researches lead to innovation.
There is constant research in global
health as medicine is not static.
Research collaboration is necessary for
global health as it helps to eradicate
Method: This is a review article on
research collaboration as a tool for the
advancement of global health. A
literature search was done using Google
Scholar, Medline and PubMed.
Conclusion: Research collaboration
should be encouraged especially as it
promotes the acquisition of funding and
obtaining of research grants. It enables
the tackling of Research questions in
global health that are enigmatic and it
also facilitates the building of capacity.
Key Words: Global Health, Research
Collaboration, Research Grant, Research


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