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Students’ Perceptions of Family Roles Influencing their Academic Achievement in Agricultural Sciences: Implications for Career Agriculture in Nigeria

HA Abdullahi, MRS Mlozi, GK Nzalayaimisi


Education is viewed as a tool for change. Globally, efforts are geared toward enhancing the educational process of studentsf academic achievement in secondary schools. However, there are differences in studentsf attributes, and the desire for parents to provide better educational opportunities to their children. This study randomly sampled 300 respondents in Katsina State. The data for the study were collected using a structured questionnaire to achieve the purpose of the study and were analyzed using descriptive statistics, ANOVA and t-test. A positive and significant association was observed between age and respondentsf academic achievement (0.382, P.0.36). Overall, majority of the respondents perceived their families as having high academic aspirations for them. It is recommended that parents should be educated about good parental roles that enhance their childrenfs motivation for improving their academic achievement in schools.
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