Effective Management of Human Resources for Business and Church Growth

  • SA Jaja
  • LO Arugu


Manpower is one of the many resources of an organization. Its relevance cannot be over emphasized as it combines other resources such as capital, materials, and machines, together to achieve organizational goal. Therefore effective management of human resources is pertinent for business and church growth. In managing human resources, the personality of the individual plays a key role. Personality is an enduring characteristic that shape individual contribution to the organization’s growth. It could be normal or abnormal and it develops from hereditary, socialization, cultural and situational phenomena. Managers must be conscious of the individual personality and provide inner compass that guides individual breakthrough in the dynamic business and church environment. Members should be given the right to express themselves and the conflicts arising from the differences in opinion resolved within a limited time constraint, as this will make the business and the church organization more stable. While one person can begin a business or a church, the management of the business and church organizational activities should be left in the care of many who are willing to accept and discharge such obligations and responsibilities desire to maintain it, notwithstanding that such individuals are not the person(s) who started the business or the church.

Key words: Effective management, human resources, business, church, growth


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eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057