Managing Educational Facilities and Students’ Enrolment in Nigerian Universities in South-West Nigeria

  • S Ileuma


Investigations into the factors that affect management of educational facilities on students ‘enrolment have attracted the interest and concern of researchers, universities administrators and planners as well as stakeholders in educational sectors in Nigeria. Different factors are capable of influencing the enrolment of students in the Nigerian Universities. Such factors range from the school library, school building, uncondusive classroom environment and the school laboratory. The Study adopted a survey research design of ex-post facto type. Population consisted of 300 participants in which about 50% of the target population was sampled. Multi- stage sampling technique was used to get the sample size in South – western Nigeria. A Standardized research Instrument was used: Managing Educational Facilities and Students Enrolment Questionnaire (MEFSEQ). The Instrument was content, construct and face validated while its reliability co- efficient was established through the test -retest method of 0.84. Inferential Statistics of Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficient and Multiple Regression were used to analyses the stated Hypotheses at 0.05 level of Significance. The result showed classroom environment as a major determinant of student enrolment. There was a strong positive significant relationship between the School building and Student Enrolment (0.634; P< 0.05). It was recommended among other that parents should pay full attention to their wards education while the necessary educational facilities should be provided by the school authorities, government as well as the stakeholders in other to aid students’ enrolment as well as learning activities.

Key Words: Students Enrolment, Managing, Educational Facilities, Nigeria Universities, South- Western States.


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