Natural Synthesis and Contemporary Nigerian Visual Arts: An Exposition of Uche Okeke’s Works

  • C.C. Chukueggu
  • S.I. Onwuakpa


The frontiers of contemporary Nigerian art are expanding as ethnic traditions have continued to evolve in individual genius which gives it expression. In the visual art of Uche Okeke, we see a synthesis of old and new, hence a perpetuation of old artistic Nigeria traditions in modern artistic sensibility. Although a great deal has been written about Uche Okeke’s exploit in arts, the corpus of his oeuvres requires continuous investigation alongside a myriad of artistic developments in Nigeria. More so, there is a dearth of scholarly materials in the global arena on the creative achievements of the artist which anchor on his philosophy of natural synthesis. This paper therefore examined the concepts of synthesis as an art making philosophy and as a creative paradigm inherent in the visual art of Uche Okeke. It also looked at his methods and styles of creating art works alongside those entrenched in traditional uli art practice.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057