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Infrastructural development as a strategy for Nigeria’s export promotion

Kanang Amos Akims, Christopher Jidda Danyil


Given the increase in the degree of interdependence among economies, the role of infrastructure in aiding these interactions between national economies is vital. This study discusses how Nigeria could adopt infrastructural development towards fostering export-led economic growth. Using descriptive and deductive approaches the study concludes that investment in infrastructure is key to enhancing the growth resurgence of a developing country such as Nigeria as infrastructure quality would have a pervasive influence on all areas of an economy thereby increasing productivity and consequently influencing exporting activities. In the light of the above the study while commending government’s effort of privatizing public corporations in an attempt to ensuring efficient infrastructure service delivery, the study recommends continuous development of infrastructure in the form of improvements in the provision of complementary transport infrastructure; introducing electronic and other related infrastructure at ports and airports so as to facilitate electronic clearance of export; as well as the stabilization of power supply in the country through constant augmentation of energy distribution channels in order to boost entrepreneurial activities. Sustaining these will go a long way in ensuring that export success is achieved in Nigeria.

Keywords: Infrastructural development, Export Promotion, Economic growth
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