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Supervision and Quality Assurance Strategies in Education: Implication for Educational Policy Making

B J Ojo


This paper examines the need for quality assurance and quality control strategies in improving the effectiveness of educational provision and teacher performance in schools.
Governments all over the word in an attempt to educate and develop their citizens spend huge amount of money on teachers and schools but in most cases especially in the
developing counties the case has been that of continuous falling in the standard and quality of their education. In fact, in some, it is near collapse. This paper found that there is the
need for introduction of strategies that would lead to re – engineering of schools and introduction of effective supervisory management of the educational sector. The Paper recommends that an important division of the ministry of education must be empowered and strengthened as a strong driving force to justify the lunge investment on education.

African Research Review Vol. 1 (2) 2007: pp. 87-97
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