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Figures of Association and Sound in some Nigerian Proverbs: Examples from Ondo Culture

CA Akinmade


Figures of Speech are expressions which depart from the acceptable literary sense that are employed to give particular emphasis to an idea or a sentiment in order to beautify a literary work such as poetry and proverbs. These devices occupy an important position in proverbs and they perform functions which make the proverbs what they are, that is pithy,  etaphorical and spicy expressions with which sayings are embellished. Figures of Speech are used by proverb coiners to express succinctly a multi-faceted concept in order to make a point in a more powerful and emphatic way.They are used to make speeches very memorable, colourful and appealing in order to achieve some stylistic effect. This paper examines the various figures of speech that are prevalent in some Ondo proverbs. The proverbs are documented in the original, translated and then analysed, pointing out the various poetic devices in them.
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