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Teachers’ perception of adolescents violence in Anambra state secondary schools

N Obikeze


The study which was a survey investigated teachers’ perception of adolescents’ violence in secondary schools in Awka Education zone of
Anambra State. The study was guided by three research questions and two
null hypotheses stated at .05 level of significance. A sample of 400 out of
1,863 teachers responded to the questionnaire items. The data generated
through the questionnaire were statistically analysed using mean, standard
deviation and t-test statistics. The study found out that such forms of violence as destruction of school property, fighting, kicking, bullying, pushing, breaking and destroying other students’ lockers and personal belongings, cultism, riots, beating teachers, flogging the junior students by the senior ones are prevalent in secondary schools. Again the study revealed that the degree of adolescents’ involvement in violence is relatively very high. In view of the findings of the study, recommendations of the study were highlighted.
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