Larvicidal Properties of Datura Stramonium (Jimson Weed) and Nicotiana Tabaccum (Tobacco) Extracts against the Larvae of (Anopheles and Culex) Mosquitoes

  • LK Olofintoye
  • IA Simon-Oke
  • OB Omoregie


Extracts of the leaf of Nicotiana tabaccum (Tobacco) (L) in the family
Solanaceace and the root of Datura Stramonium (Jimson weed) in the family
Solanaceace, were prepared from plant materials collected within Ekiti State,
Nigeria. With Datura stramonium extract treatment, there was less than 50%
mortality of larvae on culicine species for the first 24hours, at 100%
concentration, there was 100% death rate. On Anopheline species, there was
more than 70% mortality rate and 100% concentration recording 90%
mortality rate. This work demonstrates the potency of Nicotiana tabaccum
and Datura stramonium extracts in the control of mosquito larvae. The
highest potency was recorded in Tobacco and on Anopheline larvae which
also is a main malaria vector. There was high correlation between the two
plant extracts on Anopheline larvae (0.93 and 0.68) at the hours of 24 and 48 but at the hour of 72, there was low correlation (0.41).


Key words: Extracts, Datura stramonium, Nicotiana tabaccum, Culex,
Anopheles mosquito.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2070-0083
print ISSN: 1994-9057