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Leisure Perception and Participation among Professional Women in Ile- Ife of Southwestern Nigeria

MC Okumdi, EF Asiazobor


This paper examined women’s leisure activities; how much time they have for leisure and their perception of leisure. The study was carried out in Ile- Ife, Nigeria. Qualitative and quantitative methodologies were used to elicit
information from respondents. Ten respondents were interviewed in-depth. Moreover, one hundred and fifty questionnaires were administered on women in different professions and one hundred and twenty-six completed the questionnaires successfully. The findings were that women do not have much time for leisure. Some use their leisure time to rest and sleep while some use it to do home chores and some do not have leisure time at all. They see leisure as unimportant and as activities of men. In conclusion, women’s perception and attitudes to leisure and inability to have leisure are products of socialization that stems from patriarchy, which dictates masculinities and femininities; Women do not have much time for leisure as their jobs, children, husbands and family chores mainly take their time. The following suggestions were offered: that awareness should be created on the importance of leisure to health. Women should be made to know that leisure activities are for their good health and general well being and that leisure is not only for men. Finally, men should be made to understand how important it is for them to participate in home chores to lighten the burden on their wives.


Key words: Leisure, Professional women, sports, Perception Nigeria
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