Etude expérimentale de l’écoulement bidimensionnel autour d’un obstacle rectangulaire et un obstacle rectangulaire arrondi

  • K Aliane
  • O Sebbane
  • A Houmat
Keywords: flow, rectangular block obstacle, a rounded rectangular obstacle, reattachment length, secondary recirculation zone, Laser Doppler Anemometer


Experimental study of the two-dimensional flow around rectangular block obstacle and a rounded end rectangular obstacle

A study of the two dimensional flow around obstacles in terms of the Reynolds


Reh number and the non dimensional ratios h/H (obstacle height to channel height) is considered to examine two models of obstacles, rectangular block obstacle and a  rounded rectangular obstacle. Two important regions in the downstream side of the obstacle must be studied: the first is the recirculation zone generated in the downstream of the obstacle where we study the values of the reattachment length. The second region is the secondary recirculation zone. The measures are accomplished using Laser-Doppler-anemometer. The influence of the rounded form on the reattachment length and on the generation of the secondary recirculation zone is illustrated and this in comparing the results of this model with those of the rectangular obstacle.


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eISSN: 1813-548X