Analyse et conception d’un coupleur coaxial rectangulaire à conducteurs internes circulaires par la méthode des éléments finis

  • S Seghier
  • NE Benahmed
Keywords: directional coupler, rectangular coaxial coupler, circular inner conductor, electromagnetic parameters Zoe, Zoo, k, [L] and [C], finite element method (FEM).


Finite element analysis and design of a rectangular coaxial coupler with circular inners conductors

In this paper, we present the analysis of rectangular coaxial coupled lines with circular inners conductors. This analysis is based on a numerical resolution of the Laplace's equation by the finite element method (FEM). This technique is adapted to study the complex configuration of the line’s system which does not have simple analytical  solution. The modelling of this structure consists in analysing the even and the odd mode characteristic impedances (Zoe, Zoo), the coupling coefficient (k) and the inductance and capacitance matrices ([L] and [C] matrices, respectively). Also we present the results of a directional coupler design. The numerical model developed remains valid to all TEM and symmetrical couplers.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1813-548X