Thermodynamique des systèmes micellaires : Partie II - Volumes molaires apparent et partiel des alcanoates de sodium selon la méthode de la pseudo-phase (MPP)

  • SM Hajji
  • MWO Sellahi
Keywords: densimetry, apparent and partial molar volumes, micelle, solute-solvent and solute-solute interactions, sodium alcanoate.2.FLT


Thermodynamics of micellar systems : Part II - Apparent and partial molar volumes of sodium alkanoates according to the pseudo-phase model (MPP)

Volumetric measurements were carried out to obtain the apparent and partial molar volume of the aqueous solutions of the homologous series of sodium alkanoates from formate (n=0) to undecanoate (n=10). The results are analysed according to the pseudophase method (MPP). Three areas are defined corresponding to “the authentic solutions, micro-heterogeneity and pseudo-phase”. Then the critical micellar concentrations of products were obtained and the variations of the apparent and partial molar volumes during the micellization were determined. This method permits also to evaluate different micellar properties.





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eISSN: 1813-548X