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A Theil-like class of inequality measures, its asymptotic normality theory and applications

Pape Djiby Mergane, Tchilabalo Abozou Kpanzou, Diam Ba, Gane Samb Lo


In this paper, we consider a coherent theory about the asymptotic representations for a family of inequality indices called Theil-Like Inequality Measures (TLIM), within a Gaussian field. The theory uses the functional empirical process approach. We provide the finite-distribution and uniform asymptotic normality of the element of the TLIM class in a unified approach rather than in a case by case one. The results are then applied to some UEMOA countries databases.

Keywords: Inequality measure; Asymptotic behaviour; Asymptotic representations; functional empirical process

AMS 2010 Mathematics Subject Classification: 62G05; 62G20; 62G07; 91B82; 62P20
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