Use of plant epidermis for determination of macrophytes consumed by Distichodus rostratus Günther, 1864 (Pisces : Distichodontidae), of Taabo artificial lake (Basin of Bandama, Côte d’Ivoire).

  • MY Dietoa
  • WM Kone
  • JK Yao
  • SK Da Costa


Fish constitutes one of the principal sources of proteins in the majority of African countries such as Côte d'Ivoire. However, its production is subjected to various constraints primarily of nutritional nature. This study was initiated to determine the plant base diet of local fish Distichodus rostratus for its valorisation in aquaculture. The micro-histological method was applied to the stomach contents and aquatic plants inventoried in Ahondo (Taabo Lake) in order to determine floristic composition of consumed food by D. rostratus. After treatment in sodium hypochlorite, the epidermis of plants were observed using an optic microscope and compared. The results revealed that the plant species consumed by this Fish species were, essentially, Ipomoea aquatica, Echinochloa pyramidalis, Polygonum senegalense and Pycreus macrostachys.

Keywords : Distichodus rostratus, diet, epidermis, Aquatic plants, Macrophytis.


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eISSN: 1015-2288