Agronomie Africaine

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Variabilite des caracteres morphologiques et analyse des composantes du rendement chez le piment (Capsicum annuum L.)

J Segnou, A Akoa, E Youmbi, J Njoya


A study on the variability of morphological traits and yield component of hot pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) germplasm is a prerequisite in a crop improvement program. Thus, 41 accessions of pepper were tested in a randomized-complete block (RCB) design, with 3 replications at the Njombe Multipurpose Research Station Institute of Agricultural Research for Development, in Cameroon. During plant growth, 27 morphological traits relative to the vegetative development characters of the plant, or to their reproductive organs were recorded. The results show great variabilities among the vegetative and reproductive traits from one accession to the other. The coefficients of correlation analysis show that the different quantitative morphological traits were correlated to fruit yield. However, there appear to be a strong positive association between certain morphological traits, yield components and the final yield. The clustering of the 41 accessions of pepper collection, based on the similarity of morphological traits lead to the formation of 4 different morphological classes. Such a clustering gives plant breeders an opportunity to choose compatible parents during controlled intra-specific crosses in order to produce vigorous hybrids with a high marketable fruit yield potential.

Keywords: Capsicum annuum L., accessions, morphology, correlation, similarity

Agronomie Africaine 24 (3) : 183 - 195 (2012)

AJOL African Journals Online