Role perception, job-related tension and organisational confidence of the village extension workers in Nsukka zone of Enugu State Agricultural Development Programme

  • AR Ajayi


The study assessed the role perception, job-related tension and organisational confidence of the
Village Extension workers (VIEWS) in Nsukka Zone of Enugu State. Agricultural Development Programme.
Data for the study were collected through structured questionnaire administered on 44 VEWS selected, using
simple random sampling technique. Product moment correlation statistic and mean scores were used in the
data analysis. The findings of the study indicated that a greater proportion of the VEWs perceived many of
their role-expectations as being important. Many of the VEWs were worried about the job-related tension
variables (e.g. lack of promotion opportunities, inadequate training and insufficient authority) within the
organization. Their organizational confidence level x = 2.48) was very low. A low, though significant
positive correlation existed between organizational confidence and role perception of the VEWs {r=0.28).
However, the degree of their role perception was not related to their level of education (r=-0. 04) and age
{r=O. 02). The need for the agency to create a more balanced environment for the purpose of lowering the
organizational tension for effective role perception and organizational confidence development was

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eISSN: 1117-9996