Relevance of standardization and grading in marketing of grains in Nigeria. A survey of selected markets in Kwara State.

  • OA Omotesho
  • MO Adewumi
  • AA Ladele


This study examines the relevance of standardization and grading as a facilitating function in marketing of grains. The various measurement units, their acceptability and adoption by the consumers and traders along with the relationship of prices to different grades of grains was critically assessed.

The study revealed that there is no uniformity in any of the units and no rigid basis for sorting products into lots. Fifty-three percent of the respondents complained of frequent changes in the volume of a particular unit of measurement and 83 % of the consumer respondents indicated their willingness to pay more if grade of choice are available. It is further revealed that very often, consumers are given less quantity than what they bargained for and this constitutes a major problem for collection of accurate price data.

To standardize grains marketing provision of containers that cannot be easily altered in size or volume is imperative.

Keywords: Standardization and grading, grains marketing, Kwara State, Nigeria


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eISSN: 1117-9996