Height growth and moisture distribution in Sorghum intercropped with Gmelina, Leucaena and Parkia in the Southern Guinea Savanna Zone of Nigeria

  • T Fagbemi


Growth and moisture distribution assessments of sorghum intercropped with Parkia, Leucaena and Gmelina on plinthustalf in the Southern Guinea Savanna Zone of Nigeria were carried out over four growing seasons. Compared to sole crop, reduced sorghum height (15 and 30 %) due to Gmelina was observed in the second and third growing seasons respectively. However, the presence of Gmelina was beneficial to sorghum height growth during the fourth growing season leading to 60 % above the sole crop. Moisture build-up reached peaks in sorghum root, stem and leaf at 90 days after sowing, Legume's beneficial effect on moisture distribution in root, stem and leaf of sorghum was in the order: Leucaena>Parkia > no legume in year IV. Sorghum intercropped with Gmelina in year IV contained significantly higher moisture content than sorghum without it. Suggestions to enhance the performance of sorghum while in intercropping with the investigated trees were proffered. 

Keywords: Intercropping, simultaneous intercropping, sequential intercropping, agri-silviculture, pruning, thinning.



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eISSN: 1117-9996