The determinants of the demand and supply of eggs in Ibadan, Oyo State

  • AB Ayanwale
  • SA Oni


This study assessed the major determinants for demand and supply of poultry products in Nigeria, using eggs as an example of poultry products and Ibadan as the case study area. Cross-Sectional survey was conducted for both demand and supply of eggs in Ibadan using pre-tested questionnaires. Stratified random sampling techniques was used in drawing the consumers sample, while the population of poultry farmers in Ibadan served as the sampling frame for suppliers. The hypothesis that the presence of broiler enterprise on the farm limits the quantity of eggs supplied was upheld, so also was the hypothesis that the income elasticity of demand for eggs was positive. Layers mash was found to be highly price elastic; the own price elasticity of demand for eggs was found also to be elastic while the income e1asticity of demand for eggs was also positive (i.e. elastic).

Keywords: Eggs, determinants, demand, supply, elasticity.


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eISSN: 1117-9996