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Heritage management and development in Dire Dawa City administration: touristic values in focus

Mesafint Tarekegn Yalew


The study explores heritage management and development in Dire Dawa City Administration, with a focus on the touristic values of cultural heritages in the city of Dire Dawa. Both primary and secondary sources were used to solicit viable information. Qualitative data are used to explore details of heritages found in Dire Dawa. Dire Dawa is primarily known for being a trading center; however, it also has numerous cultural heritages that can attract tourists and investors. Kezira and Megalla were the two earliest quarters of Dire Dawa that have been influenced by foreign legacies. However, these heritage found in Dire Dawa needs proper care and preservation from damage caused by construction works and other development activities, especially as the heritages are not collected and organized in museums and archives. To maximize the benefits from its strategic location and various cultural attractions, the city administration should maintain and preserve the existing heritages as tourist attractions. With an effective promotional work, the planned heritage tourism development can draw the attention of prospective visitors.

Keywords: Development, heritage, legacies, tourism, and management

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