Communication and The Challenges of Rapid Population Growth in Africa

  • AJ Udoudo
  • CC Umezurike


This study was premised on the projection of the Population Reference Bureau (2005) which projected the African Population at 1,349 million by 2025 and 1,969 million by 2050. These figures are so frightening that the use of communication to contribute to checking the high population growth is challenged. We discuss factors which challenge mass media practitioners and other communicators in contributing to checking high population growth in Africa. These factors include religious beliefs, customs and traditions, among others. The discourse also examined the various communication types in Africa and their appropriateness in educating Africans and their governments on the need to control high rate of population growth. Ironically, medical facilities available in African countries are grossly inadequate for the rapidly growing population. We suggest that the same media/modes of communication should also be used to emphasize on more economic activities that can support the continent’s population while more health facilities should be provided to reduce infant mortality rate.

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2141-4343