Reproductive Decisions between Gender and Fertility Preferences among Urban Dwellers: The Case of Bette, Nigeria

  • MA Ushie
  • R Abia
  • KO Osonwa
  • DB Ugal
  • BA Ushie
  • MA Mgbekem
  • O Okongor-Eno
  • JEO Eneji
Keywords: Reproductive decisions, fertility preferences, urban dwellers, gender.


Efforts at reducing fertility in developing areas have focused on women who are expected to determine fertility preferences, yet fertility has not reduced in these areas. This is because in most of these areas, especially in Africa, fertility preferences are rather determined by the man, culture and society. This study focused on how reproductive decision making between man and woman affects their fertility preferences. We found that the immediate household (husband and wife) provided the household needs and in the process influences the reproductive decision. The man as head of the family leads or dominates in almost all decisions. We suggest that women’s position in decision making be enhanced while the norms and values that undermine their authority on reproductive decision should be reviewed.

Key Words: Reproductive decisions, fertility preferences, urban dwellers, gender.


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print ISSN: 2141-4343