E-Learning as an Effective Interactive Pedagogy in The Teaching of Art Education in Nigeria

  • SB Ochigbo


In this paper, I propose the use of E-learning as an effective interactive pedagogical tool in the teaching of Art Education in Nigeria. Discussions on how the electronic media may be effectively utilized in the teaching of art as well as on art education and E-learning were made within the context of this discourse. Electronic learning packages remains one of the strengths of the multi-media model of instruction aimed at teaching concepts and cognitive skills associated with clearly defined objectives in a coherent curriculum. The problems associated with E-learning in Nigeria were also discussed, and measures to which the goals of E-learning can be actualized in the context of Nigeria were suggested. It is concluded that art education curriculum should be well designed with a clear focus for efficiency, as a vehicle for integrative pedagogy.

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print ISSN: 2141-4343