The Place/Relevance of Linguistics in the Study of Languages

  • NP Umera-Okeke


Linguistics, along with education, anthropology, sociology, language teaching, psychology, philosophy, computer science and neuroscience are the key components of the emerging field of cognitive science, the structure and functioning of human cognitive processes. It has as its ever-receding and highly ambitious goal the theory of how all aspects of language work. Seeking to know the relevance of linguistics to the study of language is a worthwhile venture because language can be seen as it may, the most valuable possession of human race, for we make use of it in virtually everything we do and it is the most complex form of human behaviour. This study first looked at the role and functions of language, the role and functions of linguistics, linguistics as a science and then examined the relevance of linguistics to language study in general and to the English language in particular.

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print ISSN: 2141-4343