Violation of the Morality of Resource Management and Equitable Distribution as Precursor to Violent Conflicts in Nigeria

  • CB Wule
Keywords: Violation, morality, resource, distribution, conflicts


The security and stability of every civilized nation depend on the moral intuition vested on the article of faith cultivated by its citizens as characterized by evidence of good human relations, recognition of rights, trust, justice, equity, and accountability and transparency. All developed nations are societies built on some principle of righteousness, fairness and equitable distribution of power, services and human and natural resources. Here, the politics of good governance is measured by a barometer of peaceful relations, security and the highest good. Building a healthy and wealthy society that can give hope to all depends greatly on a moral structure that provides the enabling atmosphere for effective resource management and distribution. Therefore, the foundation of true development does not lie strictly on scientific knowledge, technology, socio-political and economic viability, but on a combination of these factors with a sound ethical and moral base. Given the unfriendly circumstances arising from corruption and injustice encountered by the majority of Nigerians who form the labor force and the commoners, the nation has failed to achieve proper development and provide grounds for transformation of the abundant wealth, in line with the principle of collective responsibility and equitable distribution. Consequently, the unethical equilibrium of resource management and uneven sharing system has created unnecessary poverty and unemployment, triggering suspicion, violence and insecurity in the Nigerian state. In this paper, I examined the ethicalmoral response to resource management as it affects principles guiding equitable distribution of power, services and burdens in a democratic system. Also examined were the consequences of unfair and unjust systems of management and distribution of power, human and natural resources due to violations of basic moral and ethical standards culminating in violence and anarchy in Nigeria. In the long run, the essence of the paper is to help attenuate the culture of violence and to ensure peace and stability for genuine national transformation.

Key words: Violation, morality, resource, distribution, conflicts


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