Update knowledge of dry mouth- A guideline for dentists

  • AA Mohammed
Keywords: Dry mouth, xerostomia


Background: Dry mouth is usually caused by a reduced salivary flow or by changes in the biochemical composition of saliva.
Objective: The aim of this paper is a review of the update literature of dry mouth.
Methods: We search in pubmed in the past 10 years using the words «dry mouth», «causes», «symptoms», «treatment» and «dentistry». A large number of papers have been identified. Papers not relevant to the issue were removed reducing the entries to 56 only.
Results: There are no clearly established protocols for the treatment of dry mouth in the literature. Most of identified papers were systematic reviews, non-systematic reviews, and observational studies. The most studied patients were Sjögren’s syndrome and the irradiated patients. Treatments are focused on the etiology, prevention, symptomatic, local salivary stimulation and systemic treatments.
Conclusion: It can be concluded that there is no clear evidence for the causes and treatment of dry mouth, therefore the majority of the general dental practitioners refer most of the cases to appropriate specialist. Treatment must be individualized, salivary substitutes and mechanical stimulation techniques can be applied.

Keywords: Dry mouth, xerostomia


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