Mapping Rwanda public health research(1975-2014)

  • B Poreau
Keywords: Rwanda, Public health, HIV, woman, social network analysis, bibliometrics


Background: Since the genocide occurred in 1994, Rwanda has faced up to the challenge of rebuilding. Public health is a main field to understand this rebuilding.
Objectives: In this paper, the aim was to map the scientific research on public health in Rwanda after the genocide and to present the links between different financing systems.
Methods: We used bibliographic analyses with Web of Science of papers published during the period 1975-2014. We performed analyses on journals, most cited articles, authors, publication years, organizations, funding companies, countries, and keywords.
Results: We obtained 86 articles between 1975 and 2014. Most articles were published after 2007. The main countries of research laboratories were the United States of America, Rwanda, England and Belgium and represented the main network collaboration. The relevant keywords were: HIV, woman, child, program, rural and violence.
Conclusions: Public health research on Rwanda appeared 14 years after the genocide. A main field was emerging: the spread of HIV with mother-child transmission, and the policies to take this subject into account in rural zones. The network of institutions developing these studies was USA-Rwanda.

Keywords: Rwanda; Public health; HIV; woman; social network analysis; bibliometrics


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eISSN: 1680-6905